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March 14th, 2016 - First letter from El Salvador

March 14th, 2016 – Weekly Letter
1st Letter from El Salvador

Hola friends and family!!! I am here safe in El Salvador. I won't bore you with the stuff about the CCM…

On Tuesday we woke up at 5 AM and took a nice long bus ride to San Salvador. We left at 6 AM and arrived at roughly 11:30 at the mission home. We started with some getting to know you things and had some verrrry long orientation devotional things which I really don´t remember at all. We ate lunch, more devotionals then dinner and we were off to the secretaries’ house to stay the night. Their house is so dirty.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and we went to a capilla in San Salvador. We got our trainers and we had a devotional about how to teach and things like that. My companion is Elder Palmer from good old Blanding, Utah. He`s a big guy. He`s about 6’3” and 240 lbs. He has glasses too haha, but he`s super cool. We get along well. After we got our companions we took a 4.5 hour bus ride to our area which is La Union. It`s literally the farthest area from the mission home. It´s in the department of La Union which is like a mini state and we`re in the city of La Union. On the map it`s on the east coast! We have the ocean!! But it`s also the HOTTEST area in the mission so that`s fun. That night we dropped of my bags and we went out and met some people.

Thursday we woke up bright and early, exercised, ate breakfast and studied until 12. That`s the usual every morning. My companion has pancake mix and I hate it because I can`t make a pancake worth squat. I forgot my journal so I don`t really remember that day...we taught a bunch! haha

Friday we had a bauda (Bow Duh) or a wedding for one of our investigators to be baptized the next day. That was very interesting...after we went out to lunch with them and we went back to the house to plan and study some more. We taught some very good lessons. The hermana who was to be baptized is Hermana Mary. She is such a strong investigator. She was super nervous to be baptized so we went and met with her and we talked about her doubts and I felt prompted to have her pray right then and there to know if this was the path for her. She said okay but she had me say it. That helped her so much. That day we taught a bunch more lessons.

Saturday!! Mary texted us and said she wasn`t gonna be baptized so we talked to her and had the hermanas in our district call her and we changed her mind. Then the guy who was gonna baptize her couldn`t make it so she picked me to baptize her!!! I baptized someone in my first week here!!! That was such an awesome experience that I could perform a saving ordinance for someone here. So that day was awesome. We went back home and we went back to work.

Sunday Hermana Mary received the Espìritu Santo and we went out and converted the world.

So the kids here are awesome. I can`t understand them so they just laugh at me a lot...but they`re funny haha. Yesterday we ate an all you can eat pupusa meal at Hermana Caludia`s who is an investigator and her family too. That was awesome. It`s so pretty here. There are lots of dogs and cats and chickens...that`s weird. People build houses out of cement so that was smart...but it`s so hot and the people are awesome, but they`re alllll Catholic. It`s difficult to get new investigators...but we`re trying dang hard!! We take buses a lot and walk a lot more. I have never sweated this much in my entire life. Also send stuff to the mission home. The food here is bomb and there are lots of fat people because they eat pupusas! They`re not the best for you...also we drink everything out of bags...we buy bags of water so that`s super cool...and weird, but it`s very pretty and dirty.  I will send pics! Also Happy Birthday today to Emily!! I love you all and I'll be on next week at the same time!

Elder Loveless

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