Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekly Letter - March 21st, 2106

Week 2!

Hello all!

It was another great week. We worked hard and it went by too fast. Last Monday we played soccer at the church. Like all the LDS churches have soccer court things so that's super cool. Tuesday we slept at the zone leaders’ house and we went with one of them because they´re in a trio and 2 were in San Salvador so we went with the loner. I learned a lot from him because (1) he knows Spanish and (2) he is almost done with the mission and has experience. We also had a zone conference that I learned a bunch from. I got re-motivated because not gonna lie, the mission is taking everything I have to offer and more. It´s exhausting and hard in every imaginable way.

We have a baptism set for this Saturday with Hermana Lourdes and she is so ready. She wants my companion to baptize her so that´ll be a cool experience. We just have to keep her motivated. Thursday was a long, long day. We woke up at 2 am and took the 4 hour bus ride to San Salvador for immigration. The bus had AC and it was probably like 65 degrees and we were shivering. My body is used to the heat haha. I just had to sign some papers for immigration then we went to the mission offices and Wendy’s which was refreshing. We got back to La Unión at about 5:45. I also bought some oatmeal because I could not do pancakes any longer. Worst oatmeal I have EVER eaten hands down. But I´ll figure something out haha.

Saturday we did interchanges and I went with the ZL´s and they´re absolutely hilarious. That was a good day. Yesterday at church we had 11 investigators!! That is soooo good! And we also have this family we´re teaching se llaman la familia Carcomo. They are sooooo good. The only thing holding them back is that the dad was married before and never divorced so we're working on that with them but they will for sure get baptized.  It´s just the mom, dad and their daughter I think is about 11ish. Also there's a less active hermana whose husband just left her and she wants a divorce and it's so sad but she´s gonna come back to church! We taught her about the Atonement and that was so strong. Even though we don't understand what she's going through, Jesus does. Anyways, it was a good week!! Always about 100 degrees and sweaty but it's good haha. Pupusas rock and we have a cocinera who makes us lunch every day and does our laundry and dang does that woman know how to cook. It's gold. But yeah, all is well! Still alive and breathing!

Happy birthday to mom on Wednesday and Ashton on Thursday!! Also I hope all is well in the casa and fun, fun for Zac and Emily and that you all get to go in May!! Stay healthy and safe and I´ll write next week!!

-Elder Loveless

Best thing of the week:  “Best was probably our lesson yesterday with a menos activa and also we did interchanges with the ZL´s and that was awesome.”

Worst thing of the week:  “My body is destroyed … but I’m good haha.   The food doesn´t always like the body (;  Haha yeah … I almost pooped my pants on the bus today...I looked at my comp and said we have a código 8 and we hopped off and waddled to a was rough.”  (Elder Loveless will probably be embarrassed that I shared this last bit of information but when I read it I started laughing so hard that I started to cry.  Poor guy!!!)

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