Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

Cambio 2!!!

Hello everyone!! Greetings from El Salvador!!

This week was a good one. We worked our butts off and we saw results. The Lords tries us, but at the same time, he sends angels to walk with His missionaries. On Wednesday we had the amazing opportunity to go to San Salvador and go into the temple!!! WOW! It's absolutely gorgeous. I felt the Spirit soooo strongly in there. I went with questions and they were answered! Friday, Elder Palmer got sick at about 6 PM so we went to the house and he slept and I studied the LDM and a member brought us dinner. His name is Presidente Lenim and he's the best member that you're gonna have. He`s a convert and was Branch President for 18 years and he truly understands member missionary work. I wanna be like him after the mission. Members are ESSENTIAL to the work. Thursday we had a Family Home Evening at the church with them and Hermana Mari y Jessica. Presidente and his wife gave the topic and it was so good. Anyways, Saturday was a test of Elder Palmer`s and my diligence. Pretty much every lesson fell and every person we tried to contact wouldn`t have it…but hey, we worked hard and that's what matters. One of my favorite quotes is from President Hinckley. It says: First get on your knees and pour out your heart to the Lord then get on your feet and work! There's also an awesome quote in PME that says the best way to have success that is proven is TO WORK! We work hard and the Lord helps us out. I see countless miracles every day.

Sadly Fabricio didn't get baptized on Sunday so we've gotta work with him this week to make sure we do it this week. We also have a for sure set date with Hermana Stefanie who is the sister of Mari y Jessica. She and Jessica told us that they want to serve as missionaries and that totally made my life. Wow. Also Mari has a daughter named Ashley who is the cutest little 3 year old you'll ever see. Dang. She says my name and it's the cutest thing ever. Kids are adorable. Anyways, yesterday we gave 3 blessings and I got to voice one of them and wow, that was awesome too. We were talking about how the priesthood isn`t for us, but is for others. It's a service. Presidente Morris in the CCM told us that there will be times that it's the most unconvienient (?) time that you have to serve sometimes and yesterday was one…but it's a service and as missionaries, we're here to serve!

Let's see...miracles...the Lord looks out for us. I've seen miracles here in the mission. I love the people and the food. The people make juice out of any fruit they can get their hands on and I do not mind because the frescito is sooo good. It also rained and the rain here is crazy! It dumps like crazy and then since the day it rained it's been like 100% humidity. It's plus humid is not a good mix...anyways also lots of people don't like gringos here...they all think we're rich and that our lives are perfect so when we share personal experiences and trials that we've had, it really shows them that we're just like them. We have trials, just different trials. The Atonement is awesome. Also the work here is really hard. People think we're just here to be friends and don't understand that there's only 1 true church. They all think that since we all worship the same God, all the churches are good. It can be frustrating, but it never was easy for Jesus to atone for the sins of all the world. I also studied a lot in the LDM this week. Wow. I love the Libro de Mormon. Read Alma 36. It's so good about the Atonement and Repentance. Also I finished my first transfer in the field! Me and Elder Palmer will quedarnos juntos (stay together) for at least this transfer and that makes me happy.
Anyways, all here is going great. I have loved every minute of the mission and the time goes so fast!!! Anyways, I hope you`re all doing good! Also I forgot last week, but I got a letter from Grandma Val! I'll do my best to reply fast! I love you all! Portuense bien!!!

Saluuuuuuud Pues!!
Elder Loveless

Best and worst of the week:
Best thing...TEMPLE TRIP!! Worst is that it's soooo hot. It's been like 100% humid every day.

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