Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4th, 2016 - Weekly Letter - Conference

April 4, 2016 – Conference – Weekly Letter

This week was...interesting but good haha. I don't really know where to start. The work is good here. It's slowing down a little bit, but we're working hard here in The Oven of La Uniòn. We play soccer every P-day so that's always so fun. Tuesday was a normal day. We worked dang hard. Wednesday we went to San Miguel for a District meeting then I came back with Elder Goodman to work in our area. We got our stomachs stuffed by Hermana Bartola then we went off to work. That was kind of tough because I had to lead the area, but it went well.

Super creepy story companion told me a story of how there is a guy who chills in the cemetery and he's gay and likes to take his clothes off...I didn't believe him...until Wednesday…wow what a day...we were walking through the cemetery and I saw something move and I looked at a tree and there he was...taking his pants off and staring at us 2 gringos...I looked at Elder Goodman and told him to walk back the way we came but very, very, very quickly...then later that day we were standing by the cemetery and we saw him again! He was rubbing his butt...leaning up against a tree and was making kiss faces and puckering and making smoochy I felt so violated so we took off again laughing...I now have a legitimate fear of cemeteries and I get chills thinking about that was wild...then Thursday was pretty normal and Friday too.

We worked hard and I ate chicken liver on Thursday at Pollo Campestre and that was a little weird...Also Zac! We saw a dog on a roof! It was so weird hahaha. I also have a cough so that is not fun. Friday we had entrevistas con Presidente y Hermana Vasquez in San Miguel and that was awesome. They gave us tons of candy and stuff and it was good to talk to them about what's been happening. I got a letter from Sister Killian and I got the package from the family!! Thanks for the candy! It was a poquito melted so it's "chilling" in the fridge haha (; Saturday I had the awesome opportunity to hang off the side of a moving bus. Oh man I've just been waiting to do that. So that was fun. We saw some more pigs in the road...also we're gonna make pizza with a family tonight because I told them I know how so we'll see how that goes haha, and conference, oh my it was soo good. We watched in English and I loved every second of every talk. I left my notes at the house but I loved Elder Christofferson's talk about being a father and then I loved all of priesthood session especially the talk about how the best leader is the best follower of Jesus Christ. I caught 2 themes: Family and if you're down, do everything to get back up. Focusing on strengthening the members. Wow, such a powerful conference. I want more!! It's sad we have to wait 6 more months, but I learned a lot. Anyways, that's all. We will be working hard this week. Also there's a bebida here called Chocolatina and its pretty much perfection. It's way better than chocolate milk.

Happy anniversary mom and dad and good luck tomorrow Emma! I love you all and have the best week!!

Saluuuuud Pues!

Elder Loveless

Best was General Conference! Worst is that I still have a cough!

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