Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

July 25th, 2016 – Weekly Letter

Woot Woot!

Hey everybody!! 😀

So this week was good, but always a little difficult. If it wasn't, this wouldn't be the mission haha. I think I have a sinus infection and walking around in about 115 degrees with rain doesn't help so Tuesday we stayed inside and only left for one Family Home Evening. Also Monday we had a really good Family Home Evening with the member family, Fam Rosales. That was really good. I gave a district meeting on Wednesday and then Friday we had the multizona with Presidente and Hermana Vásquez. They are so awesome. I love them so much. He received revelation to start a new way to work and it's called El Meson which in English is basically like a hotel. It comes from the parabole of the good samaratine  ????  and it's awesome. It's centered in the members 100%. Read Luke 10 and you can try to make the relations, and if not, I can tell you, but study it good. Afterwards, Hna Vásquez spoke about the Book of Mormon and how much power it has. In Preach My Gospel, it says that the Book of Mormon mixed with the Spirit is the most powerful tool that we have for conversion. That Multizona was sooooo good. This week we worked a ton with members. They are getting more excited to work with us so that's good! Also Adrian didn't go to church yesterday...he knows everything and has such a strong testimony, only he didn't go, so he'll be getting baptized on the 6th of August. We're working so hard with the Members and also with In-Actives and having success. All is good here in La Unión. Always over 100 or raining haha, but we're doing good!!

Also, this Gospel changes lives. I've seen it with my own eyes. I hope you all can treasure this Gospel like how I've learned to. Share it with everyone. It's not just an invitation, it's a responsibility. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I testify that this is His work. He's coming soon and for that, we have to work even harder. I know this is His Church. I know Thomas S, Monson is called of God to be His servant here on the earth at this time. The Priesthood is here in this Church and is really the power of God. The Book of Mormon is true and God answers prayers.

 I hope all is good for you all and I'll talk to you all next week! I love you all!

Saluuuuu Pues!

-Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Past Week:
Worst-Adrian didn't go to church----Best- MULTIZONA

Packages/Letters Received This Past Week:

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