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July 4th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

July 4th, 2016 – Weekly Letter

Happy American Day!!!

Greetings from El Salvador on this very fine American Holiday. My first 4th of July away from home! I can't lie, the holidays are hard, but hey, I'm enjoying the work here (:

This week we worked our butts off. We visited every member and member family that we know, that live in our area and we are trying to help them to understand the importance of member missionary work. We had 2 less-actives in church which is awesome and also 2 members brought people to church (from our area) which means we have new investigators that also have member friends. This week was good. We put a lot of baptismal dates and now we just have to keep them and secure them.

Fasting in the mission is almost death. 24 hours without food or water, walking miles and hours under the sun when it's about 110...wow I know that the Lord helps us. We fasted and the Lord provided and gave us what we fasted for. We also did interchanges and I went with Elder Goodman. That kid is really weird, but he's flipping hilarious and we made plans to hang out after the mission! We had some funny experiences...first off a girl about 11 years old or so was riding her bike down the street and turned and ran straight into the curb and wrecked pretty good. We laughed pretty hard…it was pretty ridiculous. The other thing was, we had a lesson with one of his recent converts and her mom was there. The mom has about 60 years or so and we were singing the hymn God Speed the Right. In Spanish the phrase is Dios da valor and in the middle of singing she blurts out 'like our Savior Jesus Christ!!!!' and Elder Goodman and I laughed soooooooooo hard. I was crying and I felt so bad laughing but it was so hilarious. Wow. We're doing better! Changes are already next week. Wow. The time in the mission flyyyyys. The Gospel is sooo awesome people!! It changes lives. Do not sit back and not share it. It's too valuable and you lose what you don't share. Share your testimony with others because you just don't know who's already been prepared by God. Also the hermanas had 2 more baptisms this week. They're killing it! But they’re also kind of brats hahaha. Anyways, we are working on our charity (; All is good here living the tired life of a new missionary training a newer missionary.  I hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy this fine American Holiday. I love you all and let us all press on in the work of the Lord!

Saluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Pues!!

-Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Week:
Best- the members are helping finally   Worst- it was soooooo hot this week

Update on letters/packages:
I got a letter from Grandma Barbara like 2 weeks ago. I got a letter from mom, a card from Grandma Val and 2 letters from Syd. The Zone Leaders told me that I have 2 packages in the offices.  (These are probably the ones the Grandma Val and Grandma Barbara sent – yeah they got there!!!)

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