Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

August 15th, 2016 - Weekly Letter


Hello all and greetings from El Salvador! I don't have much time but I'll try to tell you everything that happened this week.

We had a fantastic lesson with Presidente Lenim and Adrian and Adrian decided to be baptized so that happened on Friday and Pres. Lenim baptized him. I got to confirm him yesterday which was super cool!

Funny stories...I got off the bus and my companion kept going so I had to chase the bus and wait for it to stop...Everyone in the bus was yelling 'the gringo the gringo!!'

I did a baptismal interview for an 8-year-old and I guess I scared him cause he wouldn't talk to me and he peed his pants...sad haha but he was baptized on Saturday.

Hermana Bartola locked my companion in the bathroom which was HILARIOUS!! It's soooo hot in that bathroom.

This week was great and super hot. Changes are next Wednesday (24).

I have a huge testimony of fasting because we fasted this Sunday and had 11 investigators in church and Adrian a result of a fast of faith. I love El Salvador and La Unión and I love all of you! Stay strong and cool! I love you all!!!

Saluuuu Pues!

Love, Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Week:
Best-Baptism of Victor Adrián.
Worst-It was sooooo hot!

Letters and/or Packages:  One package from Grandma Barbara.

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