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September 12th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

September 12th, 2016 - Weekly Letter


Hello everyone! How are you all? I'm doing fine thanks. La Unión has been hot as every and it's been raining like crazy. I feel really weird right now. I love the mission don't get me wrong, but I'm kinda frustrated, mixed with happy and sad and tired and well...Wow!  As District Leader, my job is to help the district and right now...we need help. We had 15 baptisms set up for this month and we'll be lucky to get 5...

Anyways, this week was still good. We worked hard and we had 6 at church and put lots more baptismal dates. Jocelyn drank coffee...and also her husband doesn't wanna get married and she is so sad because she wants to get baptized so bad. She didn't go to church so those 3 things helped me out in my frustration... I also think Luis is trying to avoid us... I dunno...

I did interchanges on Tuesday with the ZL's and that went well. I received a reference from a member and he's awesome. I'll tell more later.

Elder Butler and I are getting along well and he's learning so much. We also ate a lot of pupusas this week..yummm.

So the reference...his name is Luis Ortiz and was baptized in '78. He is a less active and lives with is companion of life and 2 kids. He's the owner of 2 hotels and he has a lot of money. We went to find him (He lives in the hotel) and he let us right in and he called his wife down and we set a baptismal date with her. He is probably my favorite guy ever. And one of the nicest ever too. Him and his family went to church yesterday and we're gonna go visit them tomorrow. We gotta get them married too. Wedding planners...baha but they are so good. His wife is Hermana Flor.  I'm frustrated because I feel like I'm failing and honestly 5 changes in an area is a lot... I know people who have had more...but 5 is a lot...also we meet lots of drunk guys..all the time and a lot are baptized in the church haha..but yesterday one that knows a lot of English was cussing me out like crazy and it just ruined my day...walking around all day, getting rejected and in 115 degree heat..investigators not keeping just got to me and he really ruined my day. He said a couple f words and called me some bad names and yeah...I'm not about that...but I signed up for happened to Jesus too and we're His representatives. I'll do better. There's just a lot of emotions at once.

We also had interviews with Presidente Vásquez which were really good and today for p-day we ate at Papa John's all you can eat for $6. We only had time for 11 slices but I could've eaten more haha. All is well here and always hot haha, I hope you guys are doing good! I love you all and I love this work and the people of El Salvador. Have a great week.

Saluuuu Pues!

Love, Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Past Week:
Best...Interviews with Presidente.
Worst... I dont' think we're gonna baptize this month..

"I got a letter from Gma Val and Sister Killian. The Asistentes have my packages."

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