Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

September 26th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

Bodas, Bautismos y Ampollas

Yeah yeah yeah yeahhhhhhh!!! (That's what the local newspaper guy says when he passes by to sell. It's my favorite.)  Hey everyone! I hope all is well and everyone is doing so good! The missionary life is great! I hit 8 months tomorrow!! I feel like the time goes very fast. This week was another good one.

We are really meeting a lot with members and trying to get referencias because tracting here isn't too effective. A lot of investigators are falling and it's for things that we don't have control we have to give it to God and do what's best and what we can. We did recieve a lot of great referencias which was awesome. La Unión is still hot as ever and we're eating more pupusas than ever too. I learned how to make pupusas, tortillas and atol so I can open a restaurante de comida Salvadoreña when I get back (;

Elder Butler is doing really well. He's learning a lot, but his feet are covered in blisters and I walk realllly fast so I've had to be realllly patient these last couple of days. Yesterday we didn't leave to work because they were so bad and some man gave us a huge bag full of oranges, We get lots of free stuff as, rides, water. It's pretty cool. We're getting better teaching together and doing street contacts and I've always hated street contacts so I've actually learned to love them this week. They are very effective. We are working really hard together.

On Friday I did 2 baptismal interviews for a couple and they got married and baptized on Saturday. They're from the ZL's area. We had to help them plan some parts for the wedding and of course we helped them eat the cake.   I've also really been studying charity like Sister Killian and it really is the KEY to EVERYTHING that is missionary work. I've been really praying hard to develop charity.

As far as investigators go...we have an hermana..Vanessa and she's awesome. She went to church 2 weeks ago and we taught her how to pray and she's been really doing it so good. She also loves the Book Of Mormon. She reads all the assignments we leave her. And she has a lot of really good questions. She's great. Also we had a lesson with the niece and her family of Fam Solis (Hna Norma, Jefferson...all of them) and that went really well. We're having success slowly but surely and I'm learning a lot and enjoying a lot as well. The hardships come, but I just need to remember Christ and not lose faith. I'm been thinking a lot why Faith is the first principle of the Doctrine of Christ. It's the basis of everything.  I'm also sooo very excited for conference next week and it's also Elder Butler's Birthday on Sunday. Changes are also next week so we'll see what happens there. I hope all is well for you guys and stay strong. Que Dios les bendiga cada uno de ustedes. I love you all!! Have a great week!

Saluuuu pues!!

--·Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Past Week:
Best...more progressing investigators companion's feet are full of blisters so the work's been tough

Letters and/or Packages Received:
He received 3 packages this week:  From the Killian Family, Grandma Barbara and Cory Walker

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