Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

September 5th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

Viaje al Casa del Senor!
(Visit to the House of the Lord)

Buenos dias mis queridos familiares y cheros. This week was a great one. I won't lie, it was crazy, but fantastic.

Monday, all of us Elders in the zone had to sleep in the house of the ZL's and the Hermanas in the house of the Hermana Leaders because Tuesday we woke up at 3 AM to go to the temple!!!! We made the 4 hour trip and we got to go in and do the work. I missed the temple so much. It brings so much joy in my life. I also saw alllll of my buddies: Elder Arirama, Elder Palmer, Elder Goodman, the asistentes, some hermanas that I haven't seen in forever, Elder Westra. It was a really good day. We then went to the house of the asistentes and the ZL's in Las Americas, San Salvador for a bit then we went to the house of the secretarios to sleep. We did divisiones and I went with Elder Perez from Belíze and Elder Butler went with Elder Reyes de Mexico. It's a lot different working in the city haha. Fun fact...In Belíze they speak English because it's a territorio de England. They look like Latinos, solo they speak English. The Queen of England is who rules Belíze so cool fact (; Wednesday we had immigración for Elder Butler in El Salvador del Mundo which was why we stayed in San Salvador. I got to go with Elder Neifert for a ride in the car and that was super fun. Driving here is insane...  We then ate at McDonald's for the first time in 7 months. Wow I enjoyed that burger and McFlurry. Que rico. We made the 4 hour drive back home and worked a little that night.

The highlights of the week were that the Hermanas baptized 1 on Saturday and as a district, we have the goal of baptizing 15 this month of September. Jocelyn is progressing really well. She isn't drinking coffee, but still needs to get married. She's a little disanimated for that fact, but we're helping her to not lose her faith. Maria and Carlos are good, just supposedly they don't behave too well, so we gotta change that or their grandpa won't give his permission for them to be baptized. They left coffee and are working on behaving better. We hope to baptize them on the 24th of September. They couldn't go to church yesterday because Jocelyn's uncle died, but they're gonna go next Sunday!! Also she has a huge testimony of the power that the Book of Mormon has.

Luis is doing great. We taught him the Plan de Salvación and he committed to church. We always do the lessons in the house of Pres Lenim because they're good friends. We fasted Saturday and Sunday and Luis went to church!!! I have such a huge testimony of fasting. He loved the church. (He's 19). We met with him after church in the house of Pres Lenim and he told us everything. That he knows his pastor that baptized him didn't have the authority to do it and that he would like to be baptized. He also said that he has a problem. His mom isn't a huge fan of the church so he had to lie to her to be able to go to church yesterday. He doesn't want problems in the family, so we're working with him a lot. We hope to baptize him as well on the 24th. Yesterday we gave him a BOM and we are putting our faith in that to convert him. I know what power it has and I know it changes lives.

I'm starting to worry about the investigators more than myself. It's a weird feeling really, but I like it. That's what missionary work is about. Lose yourself and go to work. Like I always say, this gospel changes lives. I testify of that because It has changed mine and many of the people around me. I love this work with all of my heart and I'm sad that it goes by so fast. I'm dedicated to saving these souls and I'll do whatever it takes. I love being a missionary! Even though weird things happen a lot..haha. I love you all and wish you all the best! Have a great week! Que Dios les bendiga. God Speed.

Saluuuu Pues!

Con Amor- Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Past Week:
Best: Temple trip and Luis went to church!   Worst- It rained a lot!

Letters and/or Packages:  None
(Elder Loveless said that he would have another chance of receiving packages this Friday from the Mission Home.)

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