Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21st, 2016 - Weekly Letter

November 21st, 2016 - Weekly Letter

¿What's Sleep?

Oii! Hi Everyone. This week was a success..I guess you could say. I'm not super stressed yet so that's good!

This week we got to meet all the greenies on Tuesday and had a meeting with them in President Vasquez´s house. Wednesday were the cambios (changes/transfers) and that was crazy. It was a success, but still a little bit crazy haha. Thursday the old peeps went home so we had to take some oldies to the airport at 4 a.m. Elder Stout stayed here until Friday so he could drive us around and he had his 2 companions with him. Friday he went to his new area and we started to work super hard.

I only slept in until 6:30 a.m. one time this week. I'm exhausted. My companion Elder Arango is awesome. I love him a lot. Oh, and there are 4 tests you have to pass to get your license and I passed 3 and the 4th I failed 2 times because of the vocabulary. I hope I can pass it on Friday. I have to study like crazy or I can't drive until January...

Our area is really small and everything is literally uphill. It's a crazy good cardio workout. We have a lot of investigators, but we are finding a ton more. The weather is perfect and the view is gorgeous. We had a super cool experience. We were walking super fast to our dinner appt. because we were a little bit late and then someone yelled at us to stop. So we turned around and went to talk with them and it was a teenage girl (13) and her mom and brother came out and they told us that they want to be baptized and they want us to teach them. They have a cousin who is a missionary and they want to be members too! Their names are Luis, Melanie and Sandra. So cool. The people in Centro are a lot less receptive. We get lots of doors slammed in our faces. In Oriente, everyone lets you in. Here..not so much. But we're super excited and we're gonna baptize in December. Everything is great and I love my mission more and more each day. I love Presidente Vásquez as well. And Hermana Vásquez. They´re the best. Anyways, hope you all have a fantastic week and I'll talk to you all next week! Love you all!

Saluu Pues!

-Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Past Week:
Worst-I failed my driver's test...twice...because I don't understand Spanish words about driving.
Best-Miracles happen a lot! (See big email)

Letters and/or Packages:  None

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