Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#brightonaday post from Kevin Tenney

Posted on Facebook on February 10, 2016

Thanks for posting this Kevin Tenney. This is Jon's boss that he worked for for two and a half years. Kevin's sweet four-year-old daughter, Brighton, passed away two days before Jon left and below is the experience that Jon and Kevin had the night Jon left for the MTC.

This is another moment from the past couple of weeks that really ‪#‎brightonaday‬.
This is a picture of an employee of mine named Jon that recently just left on a mission. His last day was about 10 days before Brighton had passed. I wasn't able to attend his mission farewell & honestly had totally spaced the fact that he was leaving.
A couple of days after Brighton had passed I heard a knock on the door and someone inside got it. I looked to see who it was and my employee/friend Jon was standing there. He was on his way to the MTC and wanted to make sure he saw me before he left. I was so touched that in his final moments before leaving that he thought of me.
As I hugged him, I was tearing up & told him that I thought he would do a great job on his mission & thanked him for coming over. This to me was one of the most Christlike things I have ever seen. Caring about me when there was so many other things he could have been doing. I love you Jon, and hope you know how much it meant to me!

This was a response that was written below this post:
Shauna Cummings Whiting:  I had the PRIVILEGE of sitting on the bus to and from Trek near Jon this past summer. My husband and I talked to him, had such fun laughs and conversations about the gospel. I have 3 daughter's and can only hope and pray that when they're old enough, they'll find an amazing young man like your son. Way to go mom! He's a neat young man!!!!

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