Tuesday, February 2, 2016

President Lloyd

Fun Fact
Our Jon Perry Loveless is named after his Great-Grandpa John Parry Loveless.
Well, from Elder Loveless' letter today we found out that a member of his branch presidency is Spence Lloyd and President Lloyd said he was friends with Grandpa Loveless and very good friends with our Aunt Margie.  Well, sure enough President Lloyd worked for IFA in Burley, Idaho and cousin Mindi remembers eating dinner at his home and Daren remembers having a picnic with them while visiting Burley.  They were very good friends and when Grandpa retired from IFA, President Lloyd took his place.  Mindi is still friends with his daughters and sent us this pic.
I bet Grandpa had something to do with Jon's mission call - what do you think???

President and Sister Lloyd

This is President Lloyd's e-mail to his daughter, Susannah, after Jon's arrival:
"There is an Elder Loveless from Utah in the group.  He is the great grandson of Jack Loveless who was my predecessor at IFA.  That was a sweet experience to meet him.  However, it made me feel a little old."

The world just keeps getting smaller and smaller!
(Here is another text that cousin Mindi got from President Lloyd's daughter.)

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