Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekly Letter - February 10th, 2016

Hey everybody!! How´s everybody doing??

Anyways, this week was kind of similar to last week, but I´ll try to write a lot. Also just FYI, since my district came on an off week, our p-day changes every week. It alternates between Martes and Miércoles. Next week it´ll be on Martes. Anyways, this week...We do deportes every morning and we´re all getting a lot better at volleyball. On Miércoles pasado, we learned how to teach the Restoration in Spanish which is cool. We also learned how to teach the Doctrina de Cristo which was super cool too. The food is always good too. We also have a little family that got permission from the CCM to set up their personal tienda here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and they sell some cool things. On last Thursday, we had some workshops on how to begin teaching a lesson and inviting others to come unto Christ. They were so good. It said that we need to love them no matter what and see them with the end goal of seeing them in all white. We teach our *investigators* pretty much once a night. It´s awesome practice. I don´t know if I talked about our night teacher, but his name is Hermano Guzman and he served in Mexico City. He is probably the most hilarious person here and he loves Mario and Zelda so I always talk to him about it. He´s super funny.  Friday was just a normal day learning lots in the classroom. Saturday we learned how to use questions effectively. My Spanish and English are slowly starting to mesh so I forget how to say and spell stuff in English and I sometimes talk in English with an accent on accident.

Sundays are always good. In district class we learned about obedience which was awesome. In priesthood we learned about giving children blessings and about the Restoration and Apostasy. In Sacrament we all bore our testimonies since it was fast Sunday. After, we had a lesson from Presidente Province on the Restoration and Apostasy then después we had the privilege of listening to Hermana and Presidente Morris. They spoke on our calls as missionaries and how we should act and what it means to be a missionary. They´re a cute old couple. We broke our fasts and ate dinner which was amazing then we watched a talk by Elder Holland and then had the Morris´ speak to us again about obedience.  Monday we took a branch wide photo and then we learned how to use the LDM in the conversion process. Yesterday we just reviewed stuff and then watched a talk by Elder Anderson. He spoke about the relationship between Love and Sacrifice and how Jesus loved us so much that he sacrificed his life for us. Once we love something enough, we´ll be willing to do anything and sacrifice anything for them. After, we had a district meeting and we all bore testimonies and told why we´re on missions. The Spirit was so strong. Then we had personal study and received personal revelation which was awesome. Today, we went to the temple and now we´re writing. It´s funny cause whenever we leave, we have bodyguards with us. They´re all up and down the street and they have guns and stuff haha. They´re all cool. Also, it´s SOOOO pretty here. The mountains are gorgeous and there´s so much green and they make juices out of any fruit imaginable. Watermelon juice is good haha. Also, we asked our teachers why there are so many sirens and ambulances and there are 2 reasons. Because everyone here is a crazy driver and wreck and the other is cause people die lots and some of the sirens here sound legit like Pac Man! Also, the Ketchi elders are super cool. Elder Beteta is awesome. He´s like as tall as me and he´s hilarious. I call him Elder Potato or Obama cause he looks exactly like Obama.

Anyways, Life is good and warm and we learn lots everyday. Also cool experience this past week. I was memorizing the 1st vision in Spanish and once I had it down and I was reciting it, I felt the Spirit so strong testify to me that it really did happen. Anyways, that´s all for this week!

Yo sé que esa es la iglesia verdadera. El Libero de Mormón es verdadero. Yo sé que Jesucristo es el Salvador del mundo y por medio de Su Expiación nosotros, yo, podemos ser limpio otra vez. Yo sé que José Smith es una profeta de Dios y el restauró la iglesia a el mundo otra vez y el tradujo el Libro de Mormón a la Ingles idioma. Dios vive y Su Hijo también, Soy un representante de Jesucristo y estoy muy agradecido para esa oportunidad.
Yo amo Jesucristo y Dios con toda de mi corazón y yo dijo esas cosas en el nombre de Jesuristo, Amen.

I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week! I´ll write next week on Tuesday!!!

-Elder Loveless

The best thing about this week...feeling the Spirit and the taste of the food. Worst thing...what the food does to your body hahaha. Also sports time is awesome!

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