Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3rd, 2016 - Weekly Letter

October 3rd, 2016 - Weekly Letter

Árchangeles, Brujos, Niños, Chuchos y CONFERENCIA Oh My!

Hello everyone!!! I send my love from El Salvador! This week was a great one and for sure a crazy one. I will explain the heading here soon.

So this week we were baked. It was scorching hot. That was fun. We were very busy this week which I like. We found a lot of new investigators and were able to put 3 baptismal dates. Hna Vanessa wasn't able to attend church, but she is progressing well. She's praying every day and she feels good after and she reads her Book of Mormon always. She has a dog (chucho in Salvadoreño) and it's the dumbest, meanest dog ever. Before the mission I somewhat liked dogs..or could put up with them. Her dog has changed that. He chases us up and down the El Salvador streets at night and we're running around screaming like little girls. That dog is evil. We've decided that it's Satan's way of keeping Hna Vanessa from talking with us. It's almost bitten me 3 times. I do not like that dog...We have a FHE planned with her tonight and I hope that goes really well!!

We have other people that are doing good, but not anyone in specific that's progressing really well right now. Saturday was Día del Niño which doesn't exist at home, but I had to plan an activity for that. Let me tell you, having 40ish bad behaved kids together was scary. Thank goodness we have Hermanas in our district haha.

We had a guy stop us one day and he told us he knew what we were missing and what we were searching for (all in English). He said he's and arch angel named Mikal and has wings but can't show them because the US government will come here looking for him to take him to jail. He also told me that I am a magician...that was interesting and I almost burst out laughing...I honestly believe he's one of Satan's followers. He also told me that I can fly whenever I want but that I have to return to earth and that the moon was a meteor that is gonna destroy the US. It was quite interesting..

Conference was amazing! I love conference. My companion and I watched it all in English and that was good. I had 4 favorite talks: Gary E. Stevenson about the Book of Mormon, Kazuhiko Yamashita about be ambitious for Christ, Robert D. Hales about how Love and service = less suffering, and my all time favorite of this conference was by Russell M. Nelson about Joy. I was studying joy this morning. That talk was great. It doesn't matter our circumstances, we can and should always find joy in the Gospel. That's really given me a new perspective on life, the Gospel and my mission. In my Spanish scriptures it talks a lot about joy so I'm gonna try to translate: Condition of great happiness that is the result of living with righteousness. The purpose of this earth life is that all have joy and this plain joy is received only through Jesus Christ. Wow, this conference was wonderful.

This week is transfers, but we still haven't received the call to see who has transfers. I'll let you know when I know. Yesterday was also Elder Butler's birthday!!!  We're all doing great and working hard!! I hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you next week! I love you all!!

Saluuuuu Pues!!

Love, Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the past week:
Worst-Crazy People!

Letters and/or Packages:  None

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