Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2nd, 2017 - Weekly Letter

January 2nd, 2017 - Weekly Letter

Feliz año nuevo!!!

Oiiiiiiiii! Happy 2017 everyone!! This week was crazy, but good at the same time.

Monday we had to get everything ready for changes so we took our p-day planning all of that. It's pretty much crazy since we are only 2 assistants now and we have to work the changes for the whole mission... Tuesday the newbies got here so we went and picked up the Nissan Navara (The truck) then went to Subway and to President's house to get everything ready. That was at about 10 AM. We did our presentation and everything and got home about 7:30. That day was long, but it's always so good to see the newbies that are super excited to work.

Wednesday were the changes. Elder Arango is staying here with me 1 more change so I'm super excited for that. We went to the stake center in Ilopango at 8 and had the trainers meeting where the newbies got their trainers. Elder Dunkle (My old companion) is training and also my 2nd son Elder Butler is still in La Unión and is training an Elder from Spain. I'm a Grandpa!!! We left there about 11 and left for the bus terminal to work the changes. Thankfully everything went well and all the missionaries are in their areas.

The rest of the week we had time to work in the area. We had an awesome experience with Hna Ana and Alison. She's the one who got attacked in Soyapango and came here to live with her member dad. She had to leave her job when she came here so she's been looking like crazy for a job. We've been promising her that if she's obedient to the commandments, reads the Book of Mormon, prays, and goes to church, she'll find a job. So yesterday she didn't go to church and we were worried and went to her house with a member, Angel. She said the prayer and started crying and she asked forgiveness for not going to church and she expressed her fears and worries and it was so spiritual. So after the lesson I felt inspired to ask her simply how she was. She said a mix of good and bad because she loves the Gospel and feels good, but she needs a job or they were gonna take her daughter to live with the gma and Hna Ana didn't want that. We made her the same promise that if she's obedient, she'll receive the blessings. At night she called us and said she's gotten the job and that Alison would be staying. We were all so happy. She's so awesome. We're hoping to baptize them both on the 21st of January.

Other that that, everything is great. I love the mission and Presidente and Hermana Vàsquez and my companion and my investigators. Also this month I hit 1 year. How weird!!! How fast goes the time. We're also having our leadership counsel this Friday and the Multi-Zonas here in about 2 weeks so that'll be super fun. So just know that all here is fantastic! I love you all and wish you all a happy new year with all of your new goals and fun things. ¡Viva El Salvador!

Love, Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Previous Week:
Best-We had an awesome lesson with Hna Ana!
Worst-Nobody went to church.

Letters and/or Packages:
-1 package from the fam

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