Thursday, January 26, 2017

HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! January 26th, 2017

HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!  January 26th, 2017

Here is what mom posted on Facebook today:

Happy Hump Day Elder Loveless!!! I have waited for this day for so very long. One year ago today we took Elder Jon Loveless to the Salt Lake Airport and said goodbye to him for two years. It was my second son to serve a mission but it was not any easier to say goodbye. We have definitely missed his hilarious personality in our home. But...he is doing fabulous and has such a strong testimony of the Gospel of Christ. He loves his companion, Elder Arango, and they are doing wonderful things serving as the AP's of the mission. Check out his blog to read more about his adventures: and see the sweet tribute Emma made to him on her blog: I wore the tag pictured to work today and got to tell several people about my son. And now...we can start taking off sticky notes instead of adding them! Yeah!!!

Here is what Emma posted on her blog today:

But I want to start by backtracking. 
You may think that being the only girl and the youngest in your family would be terrible. Sike, it's actually a party. I wouldn't trade it for anything. My childhood was filled with endless adventures. I played with worms in the backyard, acted out Pok√©mon, held concerts in the basement, quoted Sponge Bob, and kicked butt in karate, all alongside my big brothers. (There were no barbies in my childhood, maybe because my brothers tore all of their heads off haha). Everyday held a new adventure, even simple things like walking to school were so much fun. I always had two people to hang out with, spill my secrets to, cry in front of, punch (Jon deserves it for breaking my nose haha). I took for granted their presence, I took for granted them sitting across from me at the dinner table, blowing bubbles in our milk, I took for granted the songs they used to sing about me, and the help they gave me with homework. 
And then in about a 3 month period, it seemed a majority of my people had left. In November Jon's girlfriend left on her mission, in December Zac got married and moved out, and in January Jon left on his mission, and I was left at home. It didn't honestly feel real at the beginning. I would still wait to see his car pull up after work, only to remember he wasn't going to come. I no longer had someone to play ping pong with downstairs. My workout buddy was gone, and I had nobody to blast music in the car with. I can tell you that I felt emptiness and nothing seemed to make me feel better.  And this past year has been really hard, I'm not going to lie. I went from 100 to 0 in .2 seconds, and it was hard. And one of the hardest parts is missing someone so bad, but knowing that you need to be happy for them, because they are doing amazing things. Depression definitely became a real thing to me this year, and being alone is honestly one of my least favorite things. 
And then we got to skype Jonny Boy on Christmas, and everything seemed to fit back together for a minute. Seeing the way he talked about the missionary work, and how happy he seemed with his companion, and seeing him smile. And in that moment everything became worth it, because my brother is out on the Lord's errand, and I wouldn't want him to be anywhere else. 
And I never thought this day would come. 1 year down, 1 more to go. And I've realized that family is seriously the coolest, and life is for loving people and getting excited for other people and supporting each other. And I want to thank the people who have loved me this past year. So many people have helped me to not feel so alone, and I couldn't be more grateful. 

"I'm happy as ever and a little sad that I'm hitting my 1 year mark this week. I feel like I just left yesterday. I feel like I'm still in my training jaja. How fast the time goes. Ahhh. It makes me sad. being the missionary is the best thing in the whole world. Thanks for all your love and support and prayers and I hope everything is good."

 "The Lord is really blessing us and I'm so grateful for all the miracles he's given to me. This truly is the work of the Lord and it's the most rewarding work there ever has been and it will keep on advancing until El Salvador comes again."

"Baha I'm always tired but like McDonald´s, I'm lovin´ it (; I love you sissy. Behave and do good on your homework!"

 "Hey lil sissy! I'm glad to hear that you're doing good! God loves us and especially you and there's no time to be sad! This life is so joyous! (:"

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