Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16th, 2016 - Weekly Letter

Hello Cheros – Weekly Letter – May 16th, 2016

Saludos from El Salvador!!

Wow this week was...well it was very...good, I guess you could say. Elder Palmer and I started this week a little slow. I think I was a little bit baggy after the skype call and him too and we just didn't want to work...Tuesday was hard. Wednesday too.  So, the young women’s sent all these quotes and pics and stuff and I was reading one and one said, 'if you want a stronger relationship with God, you need to spend some meaningful time alone with Him.' So I prayed really hard that I could figure out what was wrong and that I could have desires to work and my answer was to read my patriarchal blessing. I came to the conclusion that this is the mission of the Lord. I'm just his hands and voice...that really humbled me...this isn't about what I want. I will sweat. I will be so exhausted I can barely walk but this isn't about me. 'Salvation is not easy because it was not easy for Him.' Missionary work is that hardest thing I have ever done, but I love it so much. After this, desires to work again.

Friday we were in San Miguel allll day in meetings and a Zone Conference and President Vàsquez came and talked to us which was awesome. I also had a meeting because I'm still in my training. After, when we got home, I drank my first water of coconut! This guy just chopped off the top of a coconut and put a straw in it. It was different, but super good- Also we ate fresh pineapple 2 times which was SOOOO good.

Saturday we worked sooo hard and repented of not working harder earlier and it paid off! Sunday we had 8 investigators at church!!!! 8!!! You all don't understand how awesome that makes us feel. It's so hard to get people to church. The Lord really blessed us. Four of them are a family we found about 1 month ago-the Family Melèndez and there are 6. The mom and 3 daughters came to church and we put baptismal dates with them and with her husband for the 18 of June! My birthday! That would be the best birthday present if all 5 got baptized. Anyways, today we got to give a blessing to a member in the hospital and Saturday we did too so that was awesome.

Also pupusas are life and my hammock is heavenly. It is sooo soft and so comfy. I love it so much. Also I will update you all on our strong investigators. Fam Carcamo-Hno Ernesto went to San Salvador and took out all of the papers for the divorce. He brought them to a lawyer who is a member so hopefully it'll go fast. Fam Solis-The dad is a member and the mom and 1 son have been taking lessons from the missionaries for 3 years. Finally yesterday they committed to a date for the 28th of this month so we're working so hard with them. We are gonna have a family home evening with them tonight at 7! Fam Melèndez we will visit tomorrow and see how they all are.

Also the stake here is stressing the family and FHE sooo much. Always remember to do them and invite others! And also I learned a lot this week from Elder Palmer about service. He serves me all the time and so I feel good, but also bad cause I don't do anything for him so I am making a goal to serve- Service rocks!!

The zone leaders had problems so they had emergency changes and one of them went to San Salvador so we are in a trio with Elder Mejia but I don't mind cause they have AC in their house (; anyways, I hope you all have such a good week and choose the right. You all are in my prayers always. I love you all!!

Saluuud Pues!

-Elder Loveless
Best of the week - We secured 2 baptisms! Worst of the week - problems in the district.

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