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May 2nd, 2016 - Weekly Letter

May 2nd, 2016 – Weekly Letter

Well this week was a good one! To start off...hmmm....well we're coming into rainy season so it rained like 4 times which was so nice because it cooled down a little bit. So that was cool. Wednesday the hermanas had 2 baptisms so Elder Palmer and I helped out with that and I got to baptize Hermanita Estefany who is like 11 I think. After that Elder Palmer and I went to go buy a dang expensive ice cream cake because it was Hermana Mari's birthday! So us and the zone leaders went to her house and we partied and shoved cake in her face haha.  Friday we went and helped Hermano Nelson make pan dulce which is bread with like sugar and other magical stuff on it. WOW!  It is so good. My companion is addicted to pan dulce.

Saturday we had a Multizona in San Miguel and the asistentes and Presidente and Hermana Vàsquez spoke and it was so good. First he called us all to repentance right there in the chapel. After, we talked about prayers with faith. After that we watched the video of Zion's Camp which I think is in DyC 105. I love that story. At times, what we want is not the will of The Lord, but if we're obedient, He will bless us. If not, we will be punished. After the Multizona, we had some investigators come here to the stake center and we did some dramas to teach principles. I got to be NEFI!!! It was super cool. I had this tunic thing and a headband and a belt with a knife and I taught the Book of Mormon. Sunday we had more investigators at church which was great! After church we went back to San Miguel and we brought Hermana Claudia and Hermanita Claudia Jr. (Fam Carcomo but without the dad) and the stake presidency had a stake wide missionary meeting and the asistentes also taught about family home evenings. That was so good.

It was nice to get a little rest because this week was tough. We walked a lot and didn't teach a whole lot. The Lord is really testing us right now. Fabricio still isn't getting baptized...I don`t really know everything that's going on there...but we are gonna baptize Claudia Jr. on Saturday so that will be awesome! The people here have hard lives...we're teaching a family, the Familia Ochoa, who is Julian (19) Yansi (17) and they have 2 year old twins with health problems. I really think they will get baptized. But I was laughing a little in Hermana Killian's letter talking about Catholics because they're everywhere here and they believe the weirdest stuff...Also some random guy about 2 weeks ago stopped us on the street and called us over and bought us pupusas and tamarindo. We got to know him a little and then set up a return appt so this week we visited him and he was saying that he always sees us walking and we always look so happy so he wanted to know why. We told him it was because of the Gospel. We'll see if he's positive or not. Also my companion was telling me a super good story that's from a talk from a returned missionary. He was working his butt off and not having success while other missionaries were being super disobedient and baptizing. So this Elder went and prayed for like 1 hour straight. He came out and his companion saw him and he was crying. His comp asked what happened in there and he said that the Lord answered his prayer. The Lord said I know every name, person, face, everyone in your area. I know their names and everything about their lives. I could send you there right now, but what good would that do? I need servants that will obey.    Wow. So powerful. The Lord is seeing if we're willing to go and visit 100 houses before he gives us the 1 who is ready. Diligence and Obedience!!!

Also weird and funny story...people always get on buses and preach to us. It's kinda funny..and I think it was Saturday, there were 2 clowns...wow so creepy. And they were like screaming and preaching and I was sleeping and I heard their little blurb and it scared me to death! Baha so weird.

For skype!! Make me an account: jon.loveless3 and make a password and send it to me ASAP! We will skype on Sunday at 1!! Could be a little after, but be ready! I will get on and see what the password is so that I can skype haha. I can't wait! Also send me dad's info so I can find him and also accept us as friends or whatever before Sunday! Thanks!!

I also got 2 letters from Dace and Ashton! In the package I just need toothpaste and good food (; and whatever else.

I love you all and I'll talk to you all Sunday!! Have a fantastic week!!

Saluuuuud Pues!!

Elder Loveless

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