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Weekly Letter - May 9th, 2016

HELlOOOOO – Weekly Letter – May 9th, 2016

Hey everyone!!! Today is my 2 months in the field! So that's cool. Also, I'm a bad son…I forgot to wish mom and grandma and Tiffy and Emily a Happy Mother's Day, so forgive me and HAPPY MOMMA'S DAY!!! It was so good to skype with you all!

This week was a tough one. The work is slowing down a little, but we're still working hard. We were praying for diligence and the Lord sure did test us. We're not allowed to touch doors, we can only yell 'good' if the door is open and we can see in; cause we don't wanna touch the door of a bandiero (gangsta) 😁 so we did a lot of walking and we got rejected a lot haha. I don't mind walking too much haha. The mission is tough. We sure learned a little about diligencia. Also funny story...we were walking and there were 2 jovenes standing there and one told me I had mancha or something on my nose so I went to get it off and he was kidding and said 'Beep Beep' and everyone was laughing for a good 5 minutes. Silly gringo.  I got tricked so good. We also went to Hna Mari's dad's house and we got a ton of hocotes and we taught him. It's like hocote heaven up there. Saturday was such a good day!!!!! I had the awesome opportunity to baptize Claudia Jr.   I started to pray for humility and I had an awesome experience with that. Hermano Ernesto (dad of Claudia Jr.) afterwards told me, “Thank you so much Elderes. You guys have brought us so much joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can never repay you guys. Once you started to lower my daughter, I felt something I have never felt before. It was such a good feeling. I could feel the power in that baptismal service.”   Wow. I was truly humbled. Growing up in the church, at times I feel like we take it for granted, but there are people who don't have this blessing. The Gospel changes lives and I can't lie, I shed a few tears there as did he. Wow so powerful. We and the bishop gave them enough money to go to San Salvador and get all the papers for the divorce started so he will go Wednesday!!! Por fin!!! They are so awesome.

Other than that, I'm good, the food is good and today I bought a $90 hammock and I can't wait to use it haha. I'm doing good! You are always in my prayers! Love you all!

Saluuuuuud Pues!

-Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Week:

Best- Baptism of Claudia Alejandra
Worst-We walked A TON!!

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