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May 23rd, 2016 - Weekly Letter

May 23rd, 2016 – Weekly Letter
“Is you stupid Nancy?”

Well hello friends and familiares of the various places in the world. Saludos de El Salvador! These emojis here explained our week. ☝πŸ™πŸ™ - Lot's of poop and praying. But this week was weird...and good.

Monday we were in a trio because the Zone Leaders were having problems and we were waiting for Elder Mejia to get a new comp. We slept there that night. Tuesday we worked in trio until about 2 and the assistants dropped off Elder Juarez from Mexico. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty chill. We did interchanges on Wednesday and those were good. Thursday was normal. Friday Elder Palmer woke up sicker than sick. He was in the bathroom for a longgggg time. I won't tell you the things he told me...anyways we went to the zone leaders house because they have AC and I just sat there and listened to music and studied the scriptures. I wrote letters to Mom, Dad, Zac and Emily, Emma and Sydney and I will send them today all together because it's cheaper, so please if you could, send the letter to Sydney when it gets there. I studied King Benjamin's speech and wow, it is so good. All of it. It starts in Mosiah 2 and ends in Mosiah 5. If ya'll have time, read them!  So we didn't work Friday. We also got a call Friday night from Hermana Norma (Solis) who is supposed to be baptized this Saturday...but she drank coffee so we are checking with the Assistants to see if she still can be baptized this Saturday. We're praying so hard for her.

Saturday there was a baptism of the hermanas and that went really well, just another normal day of the work. Sundays are always my favorite. Yesterday I got to do the confirmation for Hermana Xenia who got baptized and that was awesome. I also had to teach gospel principles class...alone. But the Family Melèndez went to church again!!! You don't know how happy I am. They are so awesome. Every time we set up a return appt. and come back, they are all outside ready with their chairs and everything, ready to listen with their Book of Mormons! In their family there is the dad, who still hasn't gone to church, the mom Hermenia, Mirian (14), Vanessa (9), Christina (8) and Jonathan (4). They are so awesome and they're gonna be baptized, I know it!! We are working so hard with them and Familia Solis (Hermana Norma and Christopher) and we set another date with Fabricio. I have faith that he'll get baptized.

Also next week are changes and I think that my comp is gonna go. He has 7 months here so I think he'll leave me. I'll let you all know next week what's going on. The mission is awesome and I love all of it besides always being exhausted.  Also funny story. We were leaving a lesson with Hermana Mari and it was dark and we saw 3 guys walking towards us. We could tell they were borrachos (drunks). All of a sudden one that had a guitar just fell to the ground. We stopped to see if he was okay and asked him what happened. (We were more concerned about the guitar). He said, 'I have no clue! I just...fell!' Man it was hilarious. Then he gets up and starts walking and falls again, gets up and walks down the road with 1 of the other guys. One stayed back to talk to us and he spoke a little bit of English. He said 'What in the H*** are you guys doing here?” His name was Joe…then all of a sudden we heard the guy with the guitar start jamming out and singing at the top of his lungs. The best part was that they were all like 55-60. Wow. We also taught the Word of Wisdom to an angry drunk guy. And to explain the subject…Elder Mejia always says it and it's flippin hilarious. 'Are you dumb Nancy! Nancy, are you dumb?!' Wow what a week. Anyways I'm doing good down here and sounds like so are you guys. Keep being awesome and choose the right! I love you all!!

Saluuuu Pues!!!
-Elder Loveless

Best and Worst of the Week:

Best thing...Fam Melèndez went to church again!!
Worst...Elder Palmer got really sick again

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